The essence of

organic red grapes

Vegan - Alcohol free - Gluten free - No sulfites



. ELETEV electric vehicles allow a ZERO IMPACT agriculture

4. transformation and refinement

. alcoholic fermentation

. multi-year refinement

. periodic decanting

. vibrational energy

. pemfs

5. final Liofenol extraction

6. Renewable energy and ELETEV electric vehicles

. all the energy needed

. to the production of organic grapes and Liofenol

. is obtained from photovoltaics on roofs

. (100 kW stand-alone system)

. low temperature vacuum extraction:

. all the active principles of fermented red grapes

. remain unaltered and concentrated in Liofenol

Each phase is under direct control within the farm.

1. historic vineyard - Monferrato hills

2. Sun, air, rain, earth

Organic certification (Icea) since 1996.

The vine rows are placed along iso-level lines to counteract washout.

Always grassed.

Addition of wild essences to support biodiversity.

white calcareous soil

max synthesis

of active ingredients

average age of the vines:

40 years


mineral substances


Operator code: I 243

Control notified body: ITBIO 006

3. ripe harvested red grapes - max polyphenols

Manual harvest in crates (15 kg)